Wall Street Exposed Review

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In the new version of Wall Street Exposed you get $500 to work with when you first join. I wrote my review below back when you still had to deposit your own money to get started. That’s the only difference between the old version and the new version – you don’t have to deposit your own money anymore to get started making money with the program. Please bear that in mind when reading the review below.

Hey everyone, Bill Herman here. I recently joined Wall Street Exposed and decided to write a quick review of it. I hope you find my review below helpful – if you have any unanswered questions after reading it feel free to leave a question in the comments area at the bottom of the page, I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can :)

What is Wall Street Exposed?

Wall Street Exposed is a money-making program currently being offered for free online. Members get 90 days of free access to the Auto Binary Code software.

How does the software work? To use it, you begin by opening an account at a binary options broker and depositing $100 into your account. You then connect the Auto Binary Code software to your account by following the instructions inside the Wall Street Exposed members area. Auto Binary Code then makes trades for you.

How Well Does Wall Street Exposed Work?

Having used the software for a few days, I’m really happy with the results. Sitting at your computer and watching and waiting for it to make trades is incredibly boring (it will only make a trade when the conditions are right, so most of the time it does nothing, but you have to leave your computer running so that it can make a trade whenever it needs to), so I just leave it alone and see what it’s done at the end of the day.

I deposited the minimum of $100 into my binary options broker account to start off with. Today is my sixth day using it, and when I checked my account last night it was almost at $900, so I’m hoping I go over that magic $1000 mark by the end of today!

After a couple more weeks of building up my account I will change the settings in the software to make slightly larger trades. This means my risk (relative to my account total) will basically be the same, but my daily profit will be greater. I don’t know for sure it that’s exactly how it will work out, but that’s what I have in mind anyway.

All I know about binary options trading is that it involves selecting 1 of 2 outcomes, and that a trade is obviously profitable when the outcome selected proves to be true. I don’t know anything about the factors the software has to consider to make trades because no information is provided about this inside Wall Street Exposed. I would have liked to have known about that kind of stuff before investing my $100 to get the system started, but since they weren’t willing to divulge that info I figured $100 was a small enough amount to risk to find out if Wall Street Exposed really works, which is why I went ahead. I’m obviously glad I did!

Who is Wall Street Exposed For?

The short answer is that if someone like me can do this then pretty much anyone with $100 to invest can. I’ve had a little success with Internet Marketing during the last few years, but I knew nothing at all about binary options before I got involved with Wall Street Exposed. Binary options has nothing to do with Internet Marketing at all, it’s completely different.

On that note, I need to give a word of warning. During my time as an Internet Marketer I’ve learnt a few things about the world of business. All business ventures entail some amount of risk, and if you’re not in a position to absorb that risk (should the worst case scenario come to fruition) then you shouldn’t get involved in the venture in the first place.

I invested my $100 into Wall Street Exposed because I knew that if I lost it all it wouldn’t have been the end of the world for me. Yes it would have hurt, but apart from the emotional backlash the loss wouldn’t have really meant anything. Life would have gone on as normal.

Take it from me, these are the only conditions under which ANY business investment, of ANY kind, should be made. If you’re in a desperate situation financially, and you need that $100 minimum deposit to look after your family, or pay the rent, or anything else at that level of importance, then please for the love of God DO NOT try this or any other business venture. Just wait until your situation is more stable.

Again, all business ventures involve risk, and there’s no type of business in the world that I’m aware of where you’re guaranteed to make a profit. If there was then everyone would have their own business… I mean who wants to work a job where you’re undervalued and underpaid when you can be your own boss and be filthy rich? It’s not that simple my friend.

The way I see it, you need 3 basic things in place to be successful in business:

  1. You need enough money to work with.
  2. You need to have the guts to be able to put your money on the line.
  3. You need a proven system in place which puts the odds firmly in your favor to make a profit.

Point number 3 basically means that while you’re not guaranteed to make a profit, your chances of doing so make it worthwhile to put your money on the line. The ability to understand this is one of the key things which separates successful business people from those who are forever destined to work for someone else. Being in business beats working a job by a long way, I can testify to that all day long!

No Time Like the Present

In business it’s always best to do things now rather than later. Leaving something till later is a sure way to never get around to it… it’s taken me years (and a lot of wasted opportunities) to learn that!

Grab your free 90 day trial, fire up the software, and let it start trading now, this very minute. If you leave it till later (providing you actually get around to it if you do) you’ll regret having delayed your progress. Building up your account so you can move onto larger trading where you’ll make the kind of money you can write home about takes time, so the sooner you get going the better off you’ll be.

I recommend starting with the minimum deposit of $100 and building up your account from there. Being patient and keeping your risk to a bare minimum is definitely a winning strategy, I know this first hand.

About the Fees After the Free Trial

If you’re making at least $2,000 profit per month after your first 90 days are up then I’d recommend paying the $297 per month fee to continue to use Auto Binary Code. At that level of profit, the $297 fee doesn’t have much impact on your overall risk. I know it hurts to ‘give away’ 15% of your profit, but if you can’t get your head around the value of letting $297 go for the sake of making $1700 (or much more) then business probably isn’t for you.

Wrap Up

Okay, that’s all folks! I hope you’ve found my Wall Street Exposed review helpful. I set out to expose Wall Street Exposed, and if I’ve been successful in that then there’s been a heck of a lot exposure on this page, LOL! Seriously though, if you have any questions remaining feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading,


14 thoughts on “Wall Street Exposed Review

  1. Hi
    Is this only for people who owe websites?
    I am in Namibia, can I join or is it valid in the USA only? What is a binary options broker? Account?
    Thank you

    • Hello Isabella, no you don’t need a website for this at all, it wouldn’t be of much use!

      As far as I know, the binary options brokers they recommend inside Wall Street Exposed allow people from all over the world. I think the best way to find out if there are any restrictions on your particular country is to try to open an account, it won’t cost you anything to try that.

      A binary options broker is a kind of company which handles the transactions that we make in this program to generate a profit.

      Hope that helps :)


  2. Hello, I found your sincere explanation. Just like to know with regards to cash out of the brokerage, you’ve done some booty?



    • Hello Claudio, thanks for your question, though I’m not completely sure what you mean. If you’re asking if I’ve withdrawn any cash from my account yet then the answer is no I haven’t, because I’m building up my account to make larger trades later on.

  3. Thanks for your explanation. It seems worth trying. I have some questions though:
    A: Is this tool web-based or non-web-based?
    B: Are there any other fees other than $297; if any how are they structured?
    Trade well Bill

    • Hi Zweli, you’re welcome, and thanks for the good wishes :)

      A: It’s non-web-based.
      B: I haven’t paid any fees yet as they don’t kick in until 90 days after you start using the software. All I know is that the fees will be higher if you’re making more money, but the percentage of our profits they’re asking us for seems very reasonable to me.

      Hope that helps :)

  4. Thanks for the info, I was fence sitting since I had taken a stock trading class but not really applied what I learned in real life, but after reading reviews, I am going to give this a go. It sounds like all the guesswork has been taken out. Cheers!

  5. Hi, thanks for the review, I am considering joining this program. Do you make more money faster if you start with more money in your account? How long did it take you to turn your initial $100 into $1,000? And once you make a good amount of profit do you control the amount that you continue to risk? Thanks.

    • hi Matt, yes, you would make money faster in theory by doing it that way, but I wouldn’t recommend it, just deposit the minimum and grow your money gradually.

      With respect to your other questions, you will find answers in my review on this page. I know there’s quite a lot to read, but it’s well worth it.

  6. With out invest minimum amount $100, can i start make money by $500 they give me to start work? or after i deposit $100 only.

    • Hi Subramani, in the new version of the program you don’t need to invest any of your own money to get started, you get $500 to invest when you join. I’ve mentioned this at the top of the page, it’s the only difference between the new version of Wall Street Exposed and the old version.

  7. Hello Bill, since you wrote this post it appears it has been about a month now since you got started with $100 and I’m curious if you are still profiting from this program.

    • Hi Teresa, thanks for your question. Yes, I’m making more per day now than I was a month ago because I’ve built up my account.

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